Our Rescue Boats

Green 1Green 1 (Stacy Hall)

Designed by Mark Ellis Marine Design and constructed by Rick Matson of Legend Boat builders, this vessel has been built to ensure many years of reliable service to the boating community of Perth, and to do so without sacrificing the safety and comfort of the volunteers who go to sea to help others in distress.

The "Stacy-Hall" was named in recognition of two of this Group’s most revered members, Mr Henry Hall and Mr John Stacy. John and Henry have each given nearly 30 years service to the boating community of Perth and they are known and respected by hundreds of boating enthusiasts along our coast. Henry was awarded an OAM a few years ago for his contribution to Sea Rescue.

Stacy-HallThe vessel has been constructed to a length of 40 ft and is powered by two caterpillars diesel motors, each capable of generating 450 HP. It carries 1,500 litres of fuel, which will give approximately 22 hours running time.

The electronics fitted to this vessel are the latest "State of the Art" instruments and include an integrated navigational system, 27mgh. VHF and HF marine radios, radar and two radio direction finders, GPS and plotter.

With the assistance of St John’s Ambulance and the SGIO, this vessel is one of just a few Volunteer Sea Rescue vessels in Western Australia that carries a "Heart Start" machine and St John’s ensure we are fully trained in its use.

Besides carrying a full range of first aid equipment, this vessel has been fitted with fire fighting and pumping capabilities to help save property and to protect the environment which, through fire of capsize, may otherwise be lost.

Manual gas inflated lifejackets have been provided for all crew, and there is a galley below with a fridge, stove and hot and cold water. The head is located in the forward compartment.


Green 2 (City of Joondalup)

City of Joondalup

Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group proudly took  possession recently of a purpose built 11.3m Naiad Rigid Inflatable fast response sea rescue boat.  The boat was built by Kirby Marine and the design is the first of its type. It is fitted with all the latest electronic equipment, Radio Direction Finding capabilities and a FLIR Infra Red Camera. We named the new boat ‘City of Joondalup’ in recognition of the significant grant received from the City of Joondalup. 

 It is powered by 2 Yamaha V8 outboard engines and can reach speeds in access of 47 knots.  The sea handling capabilities of the new boat are outstanding.

 Already, the new boat has been involved in a number of rescues and has conducted sea search operations in conjunction with the WA Water Police and the Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group.  We expect to get many years of reliable service from this very capable Naiad.


Green 3 (RV Upton)