Making a Radio Call to VJ6LQ Whitfords VSRG

27 MHz Radio and VHF Radio

Ensure the radio is turned and the volume is about half way.Radio

Tune your radio to Ch 90 (Ch 88 Emergency) for 27 MHz and Ch 73 (Ch 16 Emergency) for VHF radio.

If there is a gain control, turn it about half way. The further away the station you are calling, the higher you should make the gain.

Turn the Squelch button fully anti-clockwise and then rotate it in a clockwise direction until there is no noise. To hear very weak signals, you may need to turn the squelch fully anti-clockwise.

Put the microphone directly in front of your mouth and about 3 cm away from your mouth. Talk with a natural voice.

Wait for radio silence and then call:

"VJ6LQ, this is vessel 'call sign', Over?"

You may need to do this several times with a short waiting period in between of about 15-30 seconds.

Once the operator has acknowledged your call, state your message and then listen for a response.

Once you have completed your message and it has acknowledged by the operator, say:

"VJ6LQ, this is vessel 'call sign', standing by"

You should then keep your radio on in the event the base station needs to contact you.

or, if closing down, say;

"VJ6LQ, this is vessel 'call sign', out"