Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group (WVSRG) has a radio support network for boat owners operating on and around the waterways in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Our radio station, VJ6LQ, operates from the control centre at Ocean Reef and from the private homes of seven of our members.

Membership of the WVSRG is available to all boat owners for an annual cost of just $50 including GST. These funds are used by Whitfords Sea Rescue to maintain its Search and Rescue services to the boating public.

Life Raft RescuingFirst Aid Training

Being a member of WVSRG helps Whitfords Sea Rescue to help you.

Whitfords Sea Rescue provides marine education and training on boating and related subjects such as, Basic Navigation, Marine Radio and the Recreational Skippers Ticket. Cost of these courses is reduced by 10% to financial members of WVSRG.

For your own safety, if you have a boat, with a marine transceiver installed you should be a member of Whitfords Sea Rescue’s Marine Radio Safety Service.

As a WVSRG member your safety becomes our concern. When you join you will be allocated your own radio 'call sign'. When you go out for a days outing you use your radio call sign to log on with our station VJ6LQ. All your boat details are pre-registered, so you simply advise the duty radio operator how many people you have onboard, where you are departing from, how much fuel you have, where you are going and if you wish, when you expect to return.

These details are recorded and remain 'active,' until you return and log off. If you do not log off or call in to tell us you are safe, Whitfords Sea Rescue begins a search to determine whether you need help.

You can call in at any time to vary your estimated time of return. If requested, Whitfords Sea Rescue will call your family to tell them the fish are biting and you will be staying out longer, or to pass along other important messages.

As well, you can call in at any time to obtain an update on the weather; the latest Bureau of Meteorology forecast is always at hand at the base or you may want details of tidal information. Whitfords Sea Rescue has weather warning information as soon as it is received from the Weather Bureau.

Whitfords Sea Rescue is on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week and a rostered rescue squad are on hand to come to your assistance whenever the need arises.

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