Radio Network

Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue operates a radio watch 24 hours a day, seven day a week (24/7).

Our call sign is VJ6LQ Whitfords Sea Rescue.

27 MHz


Ch 90 - Working and calling frequency

Ch88 - Emergency calling

Ch 86 - Alternate emergency calling


Ch73 - Working and calling frequency

Ch16 - Emergency calling

Ch81 - Rottnest Repeater


4125 KHz:  - Working and emergency calling

Radio Procedure

Make sure your squelch is set as specified by the manufacturer of the radio. If necessary, turn the squelch fully anti-clockwise.

If Gain is an option, make sure it is set fully clockwise for long distance calls. Some radios have a microphone gain. Experiment with this to make sure you know how it works.

To call

Say VJ6LQ Whitfords Sea Rescue, this is boat identity (group call sign or boat registration)

Wait for reply from us.

Pass on your message. If departing from shore, give:

  • Where departing from
  • Number of People on board
  • Amount of fuel carried
  • Your destination
  • Boat Registration Number

Wait for acknowledgement.

More information on operating a radio can be found on our Making a Radio Call page.