How the Covid-19 is impacting us

Like everyone across the world, we have been impacted by the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Whilst there have been restrictions placed on everyone in the community, we remain committed to our core value of assisting the boating community in times of need.

We are here for the community and remain ready to respond when you need us.

However, as a result of the Covid-19 regulations in place, and in consultation with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the Department of Health we have had to adapt our Operations in these rapidly changing times.

This means that we are not running routine patrols within our regular areas (City Beach to Alkimos and out to Sea), however our crews and vessels remain on “stand-by” should we be required.

Our Radio operations remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week if you require assistance on (08) 9401 3757 or emergency radio frequencies VHF Channel 16 / 27 MHz 88.

We ask everyone to reconsider the option of staying home, and not to go boating. If we do need to attend a request for assistance, it will be our volunteers attending, of which their health and safety is of extreme importance.  If we respond to emergencies, we may wear extra Personal Protective Equipment and will practise social distancing.

We thank everyone for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time, and look forward to resuming normal operations in the future.

For further information on Covid-19 we encourage you to check for regular updates at