Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group (Inc) provides a range of public relations services, including visits to other organisations to present and

demonstrate aspects of our sea rescue activities and hosting visits from groups and individuals who wish to see, at first-hand the way we operate.

Our public relations activities are focused on two primary objectives:

  • to emphasise the safety aspects of boating and reinforce good boating practices amongst West Australian boat owners
  • to enhance public awareness of the work of our volunteers and seek ongoing support for the Group

    St Hilda’s students fascinated by safety gear.

Among the many organisations that we have visited, or who have visited us are: 

  • schools and colleges,
  • clubs and groups involved in water-related activities,
  • service groups such as Probus and Rotary,
  • church groups,
  • scouts and navy cadets,
  • seniors groups, such as University of the 3rd Age, Mens’ Sheds etc.


If you would like to enquire about making or receiving a Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue visit, please email: promotions@whitfordssearescue.org.au. Please state the name of your organisation, the number of people, (if you wish to visit us) and two or more optional dates. Make sure you give us at least 1 months’ notice.