Safety Convoys

Safety convoys are an important part of our efforts to keep Western Australian boat owners safe. The convoys allow boat owners to go to places and experience conditions that they have not previously experienced.

The Rottnest convoys travel to the island escorted by our rescue vessels and learn how to enter and exit the most popular bays. The waters around Rottnest are extremely dangerous and we frequently enlist the support of Fremantle Sea Rescue for this part of the convoy.

We also organise night convoys to show what our coastline and various harbours look like at night and demonstrate how to use the various lights and other aids to navigate safely at night.

Whitfords safety activities

Safety Escorts

We regularly participate with local sea rescue groups and others in major aquatic events. We usually provide at least one vessel for escort and assistance duties during the Rottnest channel swim. We have also provided escorts for paddle races and surf carnival events.

Another aspect of our escort activities occurs each year during the abalone season, when we patrol along the local reefs so that we can assist anyone washed off the rocks.

Flare Demonstrations

Every boat owner travelling offshore is required to carry appropriate flares,  but very few people have ever actually used one and many boat owners are unsure of which type of flare they should use and how to set them off.  Our flare demonstrations are aimed at familiarising boat owners with the different types of flare and when and how to use them. It makes sense to learn about this veryimportant item of boating safety equipment before you actually need to use it in an emergency.

Please remember that it is an offence to set off a flare without having reasonable cause to do so.

For more information about flares, visit the Department of Transport website at

Information Evenings

In addition to our formal boating education courses, we run occasional information evenings during which we provide boat owners with basic information on key aspects of boating safety. Among the topics covered in these informal evenings are using your marine radio, boating safety equipment, simple navigation techniques and navigating safely in local waters.

For more information on any of these activities, submit an enquiry.